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The SOR Volunteer programme is inspired by the fact that we understand that volunteering is a powerful and effective means through which we as a Christian Organization can achieve our goals in our different core focus areas.

We believe that individuals can contribute their time, skills, knowledge and other resources through volunteer service and a combined effort of different individuals volunteering at different times is a significant force in achieving development in different areas of the society.

We believe that the SOR volunteers get to apply their knowledge and skills in new and challenging ways while at the same time they have the opportunity to build their knowledge and experience base in whatever capacity they volunteer.

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Volunteer Correspondent/Editors needed for

  1. Health & Nutrition
  2. Science & Technology
  3. Economics – Investments, Money
  4. Christianity in Geo-Politics
  5. History & the Church
  6. Career Counselling & Marital Life
  7. Global News
  8. Bible Study
  9. Social – Sports, Music, Food, Movie Reviews

The best way to give to God is to Serve.

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