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Our  RADIO Advert Rates


Connect your message with our international audience!


Current 1st April, 2021 and subject to change without notice

Session Time Rate (in ₦) Rate (in $)
Breakfast 6:00am – 10:30am ₦25,200 $70
Morning 10:30am – 1:30pm ₦14,400 $40
Afternoon 1:30pm – 5:00pm  ₦14,400 $40
Drive  5:00pm – 6:00pm ₦25,200 $70
Drive 6:00pm – 8:00pm ₦10,800 $30
Evening 8:00pm – 11:30pm ₦10,800 $30
Mid-Dawn 11:30pm – 6:00am ₦5,400 $15

Publishing Schedule(Deadlines)

Edition Booking Deadline Artwork Deadline
Feb/March/April 2022 25th Oct, 2021 31st Oct, 2021
May/June/July 2021 24th Jan, 2021 1st Feb, 2021
Aug/Sept/Oct 2021 26th Apr, 2021 3rd May, 2021
Nov/Dec/Jan 2021 26th July, 2021 3rd Aug, 2021

Terms and Conditions

We welcome interest for advertising of products, services or events that fit in well with our Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs.

Advertising space is strictly limited and cannot be guaranteed until confirmed.

Rates are for placement only.

We can provide audio or graphic art production at competitive rates.

All advertisements created by us are licensed only for use in Vision’s outlets and cannot be distributed to other parties or used in any other media without written consent.

Payment is upfront unless a credit facility has been approved.

Credit terms are strictly 30 days.

All materials are subject to an approval process prior to acceptance.

We will not accept ads that:

  • Promote products, ideas, companies, groups or individuals that we feel are in conflict with our Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs (broadly, orthodox biblical doctrine)
  • Have substandard production values
  • Promote political parties or candidates
  • Generically promote a church, denomination, regular services etc (the promotion of special events, conferences etc held at or by churches is OK)
  • Promote brands, products or services that could reasonably be confused with (or is a competitor to) one of our own brands, products or services
  • Promote smoking, alcohol, gambling or other subjects we deem inappropriate
  • Are distasteful or feature obscene language, immoral behaviour or sexual innuendos

• For ads with donation solicitation:

• Maximum of 2 campaigns of this type at any given time. First come, first served.

• Campaigns are limited to no more than 10 spots per day.

• Ads of this type will not be accepted during block-out periods, generally starting 4 weeks prior to and ending 1 week after Vision’s own major on-air fundraising campaigns


• Not available to commercial entities.

• For ads with donation solicitation or response forms:

• Only 1 ad of this type will be published in any edition. First come, first served.

• Advertisers cannot run ads of this type in 2 consecutive editions.

• An additional 25% fee is payable for any ads with a response form.

• Response forms must be no larger than one-third an A5 page.

• The name and contact details of the advertiser must be clear and large.

• Placement is at our discretion to ensure devotional readings are not affected.

• Artwork must be received 2 weeks earlier than usual deadline for approval.

Special conditions:

Failure to meet stated deadlines will result in placement being lost, unless prior arrangements had been made (in writing).

We also reserve the right to charge for lost revenue

Failure to meet stated deadlines will result in placement being lost, unless prior arrangements made (in writing). We also reserve the right to charge for lost revenue.